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Ursula Kemp

Ursula Kemp is an independent artist who seeks through her music to make a connection with her audience.

With a degree in contemporary musical composition, Ursula released her first album in 2013, “Dependiente”.

In 2015, he recorded an album for the Latin Grammy inscription, going through the last selection filter among several internationally recognized artists.
Ursula K. has several singles and video clips, in addition to being the creator of the documentary “Get up” (violence seen through the eyes of art), where artists such as Francisco Barrios “el Mastuerzo”, León Chávez Teixeiro, among others, participate, as well as have the testimony of Omar García, a survivor of Ayotzinapa.
Ursula K. is currently promoting her new album AMBAKITI, with which she has finally found her true sound and from which the singles “Tus huellas en el mar” and “Chókurhini” emerge.

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